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“The only thing better than singing is more singing.”
– Ella Fitzgerald


Chorus Director, Judith Romera-Williams 
Mrs. Williams is the department head of music at Davidsen and has performed with the USF Chamber Singers, the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay, the St. Lawrence Chorale, and is an active member of the American Choral Directors Association. She earned her degree in Music Education from the University of South Florida and holds a Masters in Educational Leadership. In addition to her role as Chorus Director at Davidsen, Mrs. Williams also directs Lumina Amaiza, the intermediate treble chorus for the children's choir in residence at the University of South Florida. Mrs. Williams has served as a peer evaluator for music in Hillsborough County since 2002.










The goal for all students in the Davidsen Choral program is to develop a lifelong appreciation for music through listening, studying, practicing, and performing. Our classes and rehearsals foster a strong sense of discipline, motivation, and an inner drive for excellence. Through performance, students grow self confidence and begin to know that anything is possible when they put their talents and hard work together. Most importantly, as part of a Davidsen Choral Group students will experience music as a positive and fulfilling addition to their daily lives as middle schoolers. Whether students go on to persue music as a career or a hobby, the study and practice during their youth will have given them a wealth of appreciation and understanding of music that will stay with them forever.

Students singing in the Davidsen Chorus musical ensembles are divided by experience and vocal range:

Jolies Voix– 6th Grade (beginning) Chorus

Bella Canzone–7th Grade ladies' chorus

Una Voce–8th Grade ladies' chorus

Amigos Coro–7th and 8th Grade men's chorus

Coro de Fuego (Jazz Ensemble) –7th and 8th Grade by audition only

Each year Chorus Members will perform at least two concerts, Fall and Spring. Upper grades will compete and perform in the MPAs. The Jazz Chorus (Coro de Fuego) also performs at various community events and showcases. Jazz Ensemble members may invite the lower choruses to perform with them in a stage musical production at the end of the year. And the annual Spring Music Department Field Trip is always fun!


Chorus members can participate through elearning or in person in the physically distanced classroom. All in-person students wear masks indoors and sing outside. Elearning students will perform the (outdoor) Winter Concert along with in-person students. The concert will be live streamed. Check Facebook for details!

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For health and safety reasons, 
the 2020 Winter Concerts will be 
live-streamed on Dec 14th. 
For details see 

2019 MPA warm ups @ Steinbrenner 

2016 Fire Chorus MPA performance

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